Independent Club Testing

The Vertical Groove Driver was tested at Golf Laboratories Inc. on 10/14/2016 and 10/28/2016.


What was tested?

Our driver was tested against the most current club offering from four leading manufacturers. In one batch of tests we compared every club as it comes off the shelf from the manufacturer. We also placed our upgraded shaft on each club for another batch of head-to-head tests.

Clubs were tested in 64 degree conditions with light winds and 76-82% humidity. Robot parameters were 27 amps, initial percent 60, release point 160 and lie angle 54. For each shot we looked at the carry distance, the carry dispersion and the distance from center.


With and without our stock shaft, the Vertical Groove Driver carried further than all of the clubs tested by as much as 8.4 yards. Golf Robot testing is important, but few of us have that perfect swing. We are currently collecting live data from amateur golfers which is showing improvements over 20 yards! We will post that data here as it becomes available - or watch for the testimonials on our YouTube page.
Dispersion and distance-from-center tests were even more impressive. In head-to-head testing with the same upgraded shaft in every club, Vertical Groove drives were 43% closer to the center-line and had much less dispersion. Dispersion on the VGG club was 1.6 yards vs. an average of 13.5 for the competiton. Some of the competitors had as much as 22.7 yards of dispersion.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the new face of golf!