FAQ | Vertical Groove Golf


Frequenty Asked Questions

Does the Groove Driver conform with the Rules of Golf?
Yes.  Per USGA Decision Letter 2016-759A-C and 2016-760.

So what's the advantage?
The advantage is our 450cc head which is smaller than most heads on the market allows you to gain more swing speed. The vertical grooves vs. horizontal grooves provide a tighter dispersion down the fairway and help you gain carry distance. 

Any independent tests that show a 40% accuracy improvement? Do you have data from unpaid third party independent testing?
We have always stated on average 40% straighter, not 40% straighter which was proven at Golf Labs the number one third party testing facility in the country.  We will be posting amateur data collected on the Flight Scope monitor very soon.


How can a person test a club out before buying?
We are opening in-door facilities and adding more sales personnel to the U.S., so people can demo the driver at a demo day or indoor facility.


When will it be in shops?
We are not planning on traditional brick and mortar at this time. 


Are these available overseas? If not, when will they be?
Yes, we have distributors in many countries in the U.K., Europe and Scandinavia.

Can I buy just the 10.5* driver head?
Yes, we sell these on a case by case basis.  The cost for the head only is $300.  We sell finished clubs to insure the swing weights are dialed in.


Any plans to offer club with moveable weights and loft adjustability?
Adjustable clubs will be in the future.

Are there any Fairway woods or hybrids in the works ?
We will launch what we believe will change the industry from woods and hybrids in October.

Any plans for adjustable hosels in future?
Yes in the next generation of our driver.


Will it help an average amateur golfer around a 15 -20 handicap, can this driver work for them?
The technology is really for higher handicaps as well.  Most higher handicap golfers have an outside-in swing which causes the slicing of the golf ball.  Our vertical grooves will cause a straighter dispersion down the fairway. 

Can it help an over the top swinger?
Nothing really helps an over the top swing.

How do spin rates compare to the other OEMs?
We average 2200 – 2700 spin on average depending on the individual.

Overall what makes this a better club than the m2?
Besides groove change – We consistently beat the M2 in carry distance.

Can someone explain why vertical grooves impart less sidespin to the ball than horizontal? And if in fact less sidespin from vertical do they then impart over or under spin?
The vertical grooves impact the ball at contact and cause a more forward spin which allows the ball dispersion to be much tighter. 

What does the octagon cut outs on top do?
It’s for airflow, besides it looks cool. 


Do you need to play a different loft with this club than you typically would?
No, its neutral for the most part.  If you typically hit a higher ball then we would loft down a degree. 

Other questions: 


Rocco - What was the main reason you switched from a PXG Driver (I think) to an unheard of driver with Vertical Grooves. Was it really about distance or was it about control?
It was about spin rate, distance and feel.  The VGG driver felt incredibly good when I hit it. I was able to work the ball as I like to and the spin rate was 2260, exactly where I want it.  It’s the best driver I have ever hit!

How many pros are using this right now?
5 on the Champions Tour and more than a dozen pros are tweaking it right now.