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Does sleep play a role in winning golf championships? The answer is simple, YES!
Most athletes don't get enough sleep.  Most adults should get a min of 9 hours of sleep a night.   However, for the professional golfer, most don't get the recommended amount of sleep.  Lack of sleep can negatively impact their swing, mental toughness, cause fatigue and potential injury. Sleep is when your body recovers.  Athletes need more sleep then most and if you live on the road like pro golfers do every week, finding the right balance of sleep can be the difference between winning and losing.
Vertical Groove: A new driver with grooves at right angles to the rest of the market

new driver from a startup company has a fundamentally different thought about what golfers need to produce straighter tee shots: A vertical groove pattern instead of horizontal.

While the faces of many drivers today often eschew grooves of any kind in certain sections (particularly face center), the new Vertical Groove Driver is flush with scorelines that run from crown to sole instead of the traditional direction of heel to toe. The theory is that the grooves will mitigate sidespin to produce shots that slice or hook less.

John Daly Switches Drivers, Wins - New Technology Might Help You Play Better Too

I was so intrigued by the notion of the new Vertical Groove driver that I ordered one up about a week ago for testing, to see if it was really as revolutionary as I’d heard through the golf industry grapevine. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, so I haven’t had a chance to see for myself, but it certainly worked for John Daly. After the crowd favorite and two-time Majors Champ made the switch, he just won his first title in more than a dozen years, the PGA TOUR Champions’ 2017 Insperity Invitational at The Woodlands Country Club in Houston, Texas.


TIGER WOODS has been the greatest golfer since Jack Nicklaus left the game and Tiger came on the seen in the early 90’s.  With 79 PGA TOUR wins and 14 majors, he changed golf from the early 90’s to today.  When Tiger played, attendance was up, viewership was up and the tournament purses went up into the millions of dollars for the first time.  However, since the infamous car crash in his front yard, Tiger hasn’t rebounded and the sport really needs him.


It wasn’t long ago where you could go into a Golfsmith or Dicks Sporting Goods retail location and get fitted for clubs by experts in the golf industry, by many current and ex golf professionals.  Now, Golfsmith is out of business and Dicks Sporting Goods laid off all of their Golf Professionals a year ago.  Ironically, Dicks Sporting Goods picked up a few Golfsmith locations in bankruptcy and changed them to Golf Galaxy’s, another company that Dicks Sporting Goods owns and has continued to struggle for many years.