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About Vertical Groove Golf


Our Mission  

Our mission is to make the game of golf more exciting and enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels through the application of our patented Vertical Groove Technology (VGT).  Vertical Groove Golf is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-quality golf equipment incorporating this game-changing technology.  We are changing the face of golf.  Literally.



Vertical Groove Golf, LLC (VGG) is the golf industry’s newest original equipment manufacturer, and the first company to bring to market a golf club with vertical grooves on the club face.

Backed by extensive testing from the leading independent testing facility in golf, and designed to conform to the rules of golf, this golf club delivers better accuracy and greater distance off the tee.

VGG is guided by a leadership team comprised of accomplished business executives, complemented by veteran golf equipment design and marketing experts.  The Company’s Headquarters is located in Boston, MA.  The manufacturing facility is based in Jupiter, FL.